Frequently Asked Questions about Pomskies

Frequently Asked Questions about Pomskies

How big do Pomskies get?

A full grown Pomsky is a medium sized dog...the standard length is around 10 to 15 inches and weight is usually 20 to 30 pounds. A Pomsky is large enough that you do not have to worry about accidentally stepping on him or kids treating him like a toy and yet small enough to be well suited for apartment life or smaller homes. This unique breed can fit easily into most lifestyles!

How often does a Pomsky need to be groomed?

Ideally a Pomsky needs to be groomed once a month. Arctic Spitz, or Pomskies, have soft, fluffy double coats that require lots of brushing to maintain. Grooming not only makes your Pomsky look good but has many other benefits!

How much exercise does a Pomsky need?

Pomskies are very active dogs and require daily exercise to stay healthy and happy. They love to play and make great companions for active families!

Are Pomskies good with children?

Yes!! Pomskies are very affectionate, playful and loyal companions! They thrive on lots of attention, love and exercise. They will gladly participate in family activities! Both Siberian huskies and Pomeranians fit right in with family life and are typically good natured and gentle with children so you can expect the same with pomskies. Pomskies are ideal companions for children, provided that children have been taught how to gently handle them!

What is a Pomsky’s personality and temperament like?

A Pomsky is a small dog with a big personality! Arctic Spitz are very smart, loving, enthusiastic and playful! Training is essential to these puppies. Pomskies are very intelligent but can also be very stubborn and should be handled with calm, assertive leadership. They tend to respond well to reward based training methods! Being adorable is not an excuse for bad behavior! Pomskies puppies need proper training and plenty of exercise to be happy and healthy.

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